Sifting Thoughts

I have boxes and boxes of stuff
Baby pictures, art pictures, kitchen fairies, lotions and clothing, to name just a few items.
All from the NY apartment. They are in my bedroom taking up way too much room. I have to sort through them. Decide what to keep, where to keep it and what to toss.

I already did the initial sorting when I packed. But it got easier just to pack and decide later. Besides, it was bringing up so many memories. The girls growing up, the hated divorce, the struggle in between, the holiday joys and the school papers of three little girls, now women. Who let that happen?

Now I have to sort once again. Lord help me.
There were some things I had forgotten. Like post cards from my best friend, who was staying in England and traveling across Europe while I was going through the divorce, she decided I should choose a last name to my liking, since I could legally change it anyways. So post cards and letters came to me with the last name popular in the region she was travelling some of the Sur Names of Smidt, Wilkenson, Murphy, Sullivan, Svesson, Johanson etc graced the envelope of letters that took me away from my troubles for the moment. She was helping me heal, she is a good friend. I will keep them.
I will tell you the friendship I have with Gael is that we are very different women. We are both strong but display it quite differently. We have a bond that has crossed over differences and marriages. I have no other friendship quite like ours.
One of my favorite memories is my first year on my own Gael let me know she was taking me out for my birthday. We went to a huge mansion -Sonnenburg Gardens- with many variety of gardens. As we wandered through the fragrant colorful display I seen two older ladies together sitting on a bench. One was tall like Gael and the other my height. As we passed by them sitting on a bench, I gathered bits of the conversation, chatting about their children and families; I pointed them out to Gael. I said, "Look, its you and I, years from now."
Gael looked and her brow furrowed a bit. She said, "I look wonderful but honey, you aren't aging that well!!" Haa haa!!
 Oh how that moment is etched in my mind. And as I lift the brochure from the box, I realize, although I am far from a hoarder, some things will not leave my home until I do.


  1. Odd thing, as I'm reading this I hear the opening saxophone from the Bob Segar song "Turn The Page" start in my head. While the song doesn't fit your post, the title sure does. Life is a book, and we just keep turning the pages, yet keeping the memories there to read again.

  2. Sherry~
    I like that.
    Especially true for us reader/writer type! Its a wonderful book, it will make you laugh and cry and get down right ticked off at times!! Love it!!

  3. 'although I am far from a hoarder, some things will not leave my home until I do'

    which is the way it should be....


  4. Whisp:

    Most of all, we can see that Gael has a good sense of humor. That is very important in a friendship.

    1. Whit- How true. Humor is a very big bonder with me. Although Gael and my humor are not a like most times. She loves a pun and I prefer ironic humor.


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