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29 Years ago

I was the wise age of 20 here.
In a year I would be married to someone who served himself as much as I served him.
I would become a mom at only 22. I loved that day.  I had a purpose - a drive and was motivated by a little codependent being. I would not grow to understand how I got in the mess that would happen when that sweet baby becomes 13, until a few years later.
There was a challenge produced on facebook - if you could go back and tell your 20 year old self one thing, what would it be.
Well I gave myself a little more lee-way - it is after all a fantasy.

So here it goes:
Hi Karen,
Please learn to believe in yourself, quit doubting and fearing, you are smarter, kinder and sweeter than most, and that is a strength, not a weakness.
You will have amazing children- but find someone who compliments you in goals and aspirations to raise them, to keep them from having to struggle so hard.
Take some dares and go ahead and do the things you second guessed yourself in - because you a…