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The end of 2014 as I see it.

Reflecting, what are some life lessons I have learned this year?

I learned that I am responsible for me, and me only. That choices made by others cannot be changed by me - only by them. No matter how much I plead, pray, and cry. They have control of their choices not me - the only thing I can change is my response to their choices. There is freedom and fear in learning this. Freedom of responsibility and fear that they may never change.

That life is very fragile and life as we know it can change in a heartbeat. That the curves thrown at us can be debilitating and so unexpected. That perfect circumstances can become broken and joy can trade to sorrow, but Jesus is the only constant and the only trust I can always rely upon. People are human, they make mistakes. Only Christ is perfection, and I too am human and will make mistakes and will be disappointed. I can only learn, repent, grow and move on to make the mistake something better than what was.

This year was a very marked year to see t…