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What do you call a three legged Hedgehog?


Last night was very difficult

My middle daughter - Ashli a 20 year old artistic hipster- has raised and cared for a hedgehog she named Martin.It was her very first, very own pet.He got a cut on his back foot and despite all the love and care she gave him (And she was VERY devoted and was constantly doing everything that was right, he got an infection. She took him to the vets yesterday.

I called her last night to see how he was doing and she was sobbing so hard she was hiccuping.
Martin has to have his back foot amputated in order to survive and it was going to cost more than she could afford.
Crying then along with her, I offered to pay it and she could pay half back in payment..just trying to help...and she quetly said, "Mom, they love him. He is smart (he does do a few tricks) and he is lovable. They never met one like him, I was going to have to opt to put him down but they said they would do it and keep him there as their mascot of hope. I agreed. I can come see him whenev…