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My Life Song.

I met a missionary once who told me that she keeps three type of friends close at hand.
A strong Christian friend that she leans and gleans from to grow, a friend at nearly the same level as her to challenge and be challenged by, and someone who needs Jesus to hone her witnessing skills.
I liked this - at different times they have been different women, but I have utilized this in my life.

Over the past years, I have been through a great many of life's trials and obstacles, joys, pains, deaths and births. All these have made me who I am today, but how I handled them really demonstrates to others- who I am. I have learned to pause, to pray and to study God's word so I become a better illustration of Christ. 

At age 52 I know this. I love Jesus and serve him, I am not ashamed of that. I love his promise to prosper me and I enjoy the life he has given me - not perfect - but it has such possibilities and love.
I have had to work on myself a lot. I have failed a lot - but alwa…
Finding Peace Unexpectedly

Sometimes when we make changes in our lives it has a tumbling effect - such as any natural change.

Our change came when we just recognized a pattern of spending that was wasteful. We felt compelled to make some deliberate changes. One of those changes was getting rid of Direct TV, getting a Firestick and utilizing Hulu, Amazon Video, music channels and Netflix for less than a quarter of what we were paying. Thus affecting our budget positively.

I wasn't sure I would enjoy this way of viewing, even balking a little  - I was sure it was going to irritate me - it was a deliberate way to watch TV, but over time I find I enjoy it so much more.

For one, I don't have to waddle through commercials, I can choose to watch my shows at my convenient times without having to record it, and the TV is not just running for noise or company, as I once called it.

We don't watch the news like we used to - we google and listen to podcasts or live streams - obtain what…

I Had Abandoned Life Here

I am back.

We (Matthew & I) made some major life changes.
And I decided to place-mat some goals here for the next month and see where I hit.
#1 - Take up one new activity
#2 - Read 2 new books
#3 - Meet up with 2 Friends outside of work (yes- I am a recluse when I am off work)
#4 - Plan our Anniversary Trip
#5- Work on Book (at least 2 new chapters)
I want to use this as my brain storm room so anything can go - I categorize too much and don't just break free and enjoy.

Why did I leave? I love it here.