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A Story about Excellence

There is a Story with this, such as only I would be able to tell, because it fits me so well.
A while back I received an invite to a luncheon at our main office in Dover, 2 hours away on a work day. I work well over 40 hours a week and time away would only make it harder to get all the work in and it frankly didn't interest me. I am not a crowd person and prefer my little hometown office where I and Richard - the editor and my boss - work.
I love my job. It is a mile from home, keeps me busy and i can fit in my girls on a regular basis. I couldn't have asked for more.
I paid no more attention to it than the man-in-the-moon and continued my little routine.
Last week I started getting emails from others that work from other offices and the main branch congratulating me, telling me 'job well done' - huh? Finally a co-worker from Dover, who I have met up with congratulated me and I asked why. She says "for your excellence Award Silly!" Again..Huh? She sent me the l…