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This Is How He Rolls

Dad had a stroke a few weeks ago.
It affected his hearing and his sight, He has vision in half of one eye and the other vaguely sees shadows now. But most disturbing to him is the idea that he cannot read. Its not that he cannot see it, it is the fact that he cannot comprehend what he is reading, the words aren't making sense to him.

This is very frustrating to him, and my family doesn't get it, but I do.
There are a great many differences about dad and I, but there are some major commonalities.One of those is reading.

Dad reads his bible in the morning, then the news paper (The Daily Review) after he works mowing his bids or working on his wide list of mom-wants and 'needstogetdones', he comes in to read a book, at the end of the eve he always reads his devotional. So my point is, half of dad's enjoyment in life is reading. He is very hard of hearing, this is his sanctuary, so he is working very hard at not being frustrated.
He is going to be having a stent put in o…