This Is How He Rolls

Dad had a stroke a few weeks ago.
It affected his hearing and his sight, He has vision in half of one eye and the other vaguely sees shadows now. But most disturbing to him is the idea that he cannot read. Its not that he cannot see it, it is the fact that he cannot comprehend what he is reading, the words aren't making sense to him.

This is very frustrating to him, and my family doesn't get it, but I do.
There are a great many differences about dad and I, but there are some major commonalities.
One of those is reading.

Dad reads his bible in the morning, then the news paper (The Daily Review) after he works mowing his bids or working on his wide list of mom-wants and 'needstogetdones', he comes in to read a book, at the end of the eve he always reads his devotional. So my point is, half of dad's enjoyment in life is reading. He is very hard of hearing, this is his sanctuary, so he is working very hard at not being frustrated.
He is going to be having a stent put in on the 18th of this month and hopefully some of his vision and his comprehension will return to him. That is his hope and my prayer. This man is an icon of life, he doesn't let things get him down, he still practices reading all day long trying to re-wire his brain to read again, he doesn't want to wait.
Dad's bottom half of his heart no longer works, he has very hard to control sugar diabetes, he has high blood pressure and as I said, very bad sight and hearing. He is 74 years old, The doctor is amazed at his capabilities. He works hard, was a heavy duty mechanic for 36 years, he looks like an older version of Popeye.

Now here comes one of the stories that makes me enjoy my non-complaining father all the more. Since the stroke I have called every other day to check on him, see if there is any progress and basically calm my nerves a little. I called last Monday and mom said dad was not home. I asked where he had gone and the reply was a bit shocking.

My brother and my father have played horseshoes for years now competively. They play regionally and are every well known for taking home first and second place trophies in both the singles and double compitions. These tournaments are an all day event. This particular one is in a non-shaded area and the weather has been incredibly hot.
Tuesday I call my dad with all intent puposes of letting him have an earfull.

I say slowly, in my "you really have to be kidding me voice": I heard you played at Camptown yesterday in the tournament.

He answers in a voice that makes me realize he doesn't care what I have to say: Yep.

I resign and say: Well did you place?

He says: Heck no..I'm blind.

I roll off in a peal of laughter, my dad can't help but chuckle and says "Well, you really didn't think I was going to win this one?

This is one of those moments that makes me remember that dad loves life. He doesn't moan and groan about what is given him. He just does anything and everything he can, life doesn't define him, he defines life.


  1. Whisp:

    You must remember that you dad is bigger than!

  2. He is someone to admire and emulate! I would like to think I would be that kind of person...I just don't want anything to hold me back and I do as I please.

  3. Your dad has always had the best can-do attitude! Love that about him, and you seem to have inherited the trait. ;o) Will be praying for him as he goes in for the procedure. Hoping it is a wild success!!

  4. hooray for your Dad! He sounds like one helluva guy!

  5. Sounds as though you have an enviable relationship with your dad. You both love life and each other. Wishing you both much love, health and laughter.


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