To The Moon and Back Again!

Three Thirty am, on September 6, 2015, I packed and jumped into my car and raced off to NY state, to Dansville Hospital, to Kayleen - my baby - who was having my very first grand child.
I would receive a call from her a little before 7am. Excited I asked - "Did you have him yet?" She giggled and replied that she was having camel back contractions and although she had wanted to go completely natural- she had no choice - she opted for medicine to rest a little before she had to push. She has slept some and Justin was taking a small nap beside her and she called me.
The waiting room held Justin's mom, Hailey's mom, Hailey and Sarah Mae - always my soldier daughter, always there for her sister. But Kayleen called me. That meant the world to me and I told her so. We chatted about what to expect and confirmed the journey was worth it.  She thanked me and I told her that she was an awesome daughter and she is going to be an incredible mom, I was right.
An hour and some minutes 8:18am, Vermeer George Canuti entered out of the womb - my daughter's womb and into this world. She would call and send me pictures, I was only half way there. I pulled over the car and scroll through them. Tears strolling down my face, my baby's little chin and mouth peeking up     out at me as the day I birthed her. He is perfect.Justin was by her side the whole time and he fawned over his son and slipped into the role of daddy so easily. They are good to each other.
I prayed and thanked God for their protection, I thanked Him for Vermeer and the purpose he will bring and give to this world and I rejoiced.
Then, finally, I would put the phone away and happily drive the rest of the way to hold my little man, kiss the little momma, and hug sweet Sarah who also stayed close by all night.God Bless her.
Justin had left to finally get sleep, and his mom chattered excitedly with me about everything - two grand mothers - grand mom and mom mom - bonded by one little life.

Vermeer George Canuti - you have entered into a family of strong women who have had to survive many rough times, live with and without things, but always with hopes and dreams and joy. So much joy. We take care of each other and no matter what we love...always love.You are one of ours now.

Your Mommy and Daddy were right there for you and always will be,
Mom mom and Pop pop think the sun rises and sets upon you and your Aunties are already working their magic.  :)
You might not know it now, but you have so much to be grateful for little man.

We love you to the Moon and Back!

(Pictured left to right : Kayleen (mommy) with Vermeer; Me with my  Grandson, Aunt Sarah Mae with the little man and Aunt Ashli with Vermeer.)


  1. Beautiful .... So happy and proud for you sweet girl, and what a blessed little boy to be born into such an awesome family.... Congratulations and much love.

  2. What a great blessing! You told the account so wonderfully I could see your reaction in my mind! More pictures on FB!!! I know I said I roll my eyes at the grandbaby pictures but..not really. They are to be loved and be proud of!

    1. Thank you Nancy!
      I am loving him and she is so sweet sending me pictures every day!

  3. how sweet your baby had her own baby :) My baby had my grandbaby one year ago yesterday 9/30 and is pregnant again due in March! I love my babies too! congrats!

  4. how sweet your baby had her own baby :) My baby had my grandbaby one year ago yesterday 9/30 and is pregnant again due in March! I love my babies too! congrats!

    1. They own you - don;t they? How much fun to see our children raise children - we did a good job Bella.
      I always love your visits!


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