I Had Abandoned Life Here

I am back.

We (Matthew & I) made some major life changes.
And I decided to place-mat some goals here for the next month and see where I hit.
#1 - Take up one new activity
#2 - Read 2 new books
#3 - Meet up with 2 Friends outside of work (yes- I am a recluse when I am off work)
#4 - Plan our Anniversary Trip
#5- Work on Book (at least 2 new chapters)
I want to use this as my brain storm room so anything can go - I categorize too much and don't just break free and enjoy.

Why did I leave? I love it here.

Who Would You Choose?

Which fictional character (TV, movie, or literature) would you most want to be friends with...and why?
I have always had a list of literary/fictional characters that I would want to be pals with: 

Elizabeth Bennet - Who stands boldly for what she believes in a topsy~turvy world; she has a strong sense of justice. I admire her literary prowess, her endeavor to serve right and good, despite the losses, and the strength of her love for those who are blessed enough to receive it.

Jane Eyre - The love of Mr Rochester because he represented 'home' to her and the banter they shared was delightful. She was given a depth of character that goes beyond the book's pages. I also adore that her desire is not money, and when she comes into it, it does not redefine her, all that matters to her is love and life. She is really classy when she came from such a dark place. 

Anne Shirley - She day dreamed and built worlds within her world. I did the same as a child, always feeling trapped…

It's THAT morning


To The Moon and Back Again!

Three Thirty am, on September 6, 2015, I packed and jumped into my car and raced off to NY state, to Dansville Hospital, to Kayleen - my baby - who was having my very first grand child.
I would receive a call from her a little before 7am. Excited I asked - "Did you have him yet?" She giggled and replied that she was having camel back contractions and although she had wanted to go completely natural- she had no choice - she opted for medicine to rest a little before she had to push. She has slept some and Justin was taking a small nap beside her and she called me.
The waiting room held Justin's mom, Hailey's mom, Hailey and Sarah Mae - always my soldier daughter, always there for her sister. But Kayleen called me. That meant the world to me and I told her so. We chatted about what to expect and confirmed the journey was worth it.  She thanked me and I told her that she was an awesome daughter and she is going to be an incredible mom, I was right.
An hour …

Torn in half

Dad is on Hospice now.
My daughter is 2 weeks away from her due date.

Happy - sad.

I have two extremes in my life right now.
I have decided not to let either run into the other. I will be sad for my dad when the time comes and be elated for my grandchild when he arrives.

We believe in a Kingdom that will bring us all together one day and that hope resides deep within me to carry me through the hard times.

I have a job with heavy deadlines - the newspaper business is not stress free - it has its moments but it keeps my mind occupied. I need that.

I am excited to teach the little one new things - mom mom things and to introduce him to a world of exciting realms. I have already derived a mental list a creative bin all divvied into age categories. I am excited and fearful for this little guy coming into a world that is so jumbled. But I will welcome him with hugs and kisses and squeezes.

I will rest on that for now.
Dad will meet him I hope - if not it will be my duty to introduce…

Fourth of July Pride Retrned

This 4th of July I reflect on the pride we once had as a Nation, Where our independence was not taken for granted and it was celebrated. We respected this Nation and the flag it represented. We stood with fathers, grandfathers and mothers who fought and seen the pain it took to keep our land free.
Today I pray for a broken nation, where self serving individuals express their dislike and distaste with desecration and vulgarity. I am sad.
Yes. Opinions are valuable but I cannot listen if your heart displays a hatred for what our families fought and died so that you can express your feelings.
Today I pray for a healing. For our Nation to become the leadership it once was, for the joy we once had, for the fires to stop burning and for people to build and lift up instead of tearing down!
I want to feel God Blessing America once again.

Ouch! Did I drop something?

I took a tumble today.
I was carrying papers, the sidewalk inclined, I did not.
Matter of fact.
              declined. ...Next to a pool.
But don't worry, I popped right back
but not before a teen ran to the fence next to the pool where a million (seemed like it) people were swimming and he yelled, "Oh my gosh Lady are you all right."   Oh Yes! I answered, my knees throbbing, my hand feeling like I split it down the middle - because three fingers were bent fully backwards, but not my pinky - oh no - he stubbornly stayed the 'right' way... *insert agony here* My husband and knight was driving the car, so he ran to my rescue...not quite, he missed the whole thing..he was turning the car around and then wondered why I was walking back to the car with papers all askew.  *sighs*
It was my left hand so my wedding band and engagement ri…