It's THAT morning

So I get up at 5:30 am because I wanted to get ahead on a few things before the 8am meeting that I had to schedule due to the other person not having "any other time in the day to manage the meeting"
Matthew too was up since 5 am - normally he leaves by 3 am but he has been working crazy early and after hours to cover shifts. But Matthew got a call  yesterday– he is doing the 7:30 am shift, they finally realized the man needed some sleep.
But when I am up with him, he thinks of things – like – ‘we’ operative word ‘you’ need to get some laundry done today. 'We' should have a good breakfast – meaning, he is hungry and would like breakfast, of course then the shower – which I have noticed and commented on getting fixed and he has told me he will take care of (for months now) – finally breaks and now we have a plumbing issue in the tub. ‘We’ need to call our local plumber, – after I explained to Matthew that calling him means we will need a new mortgage if he has to climb under the house (which is why Matthew never completed it in the first place) who will come fix it tomorrow.
Yes, I do love this man, because his faults cover mine - so it works for us.
I then find that the clothes from the washer last night – did not go to the dryer and all my pants are in it. (We did not accomplish this) Thank-you-very-much, and Matthew is now running late so I help him get his lunch packed – which then is followed by my alarm clock going off for my normal wake-up time.
So in retrospect, I actually accomplished a cup of coffee and breakfast which is normally eaten within 5 minutes while standing in front of the news so I know what candidate is annoying me particularly this day, prior to my usual waking time.
I am packing and heading down out to work in a few minutes, I am writing this completely dressed minus the pants, which need to  finish drying.
The morning meeting I shifted my life to accommodate?
They texted me as I run in, dial the conference and wait for all the prompts to say,"It's not working out for me after all, call you later, okay?"
Thank God the coffee maker is working...


  1. My day has been stop and start. Everyone getting used to the new system and the teachers are not understanding.


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