A Coffee Lovers Grateful Heart

The party was a success.  I made a point to see each of my friends and talk to them, it was an open house so thankfully, I could do this as each trickled in at their own time throughout the day.
Thank you Gael. You are a doll.
I have good friends. Who ever was unable to come wrote me a letter or note on facebook or on my phone. It has humbled me, it has made me ever so grateful to the large hearts I have associated myself. There are awesome faithful people in a world that has been cracked and split on me. These are my glue, they have grounded me. We have listened to our tears, rejoiced in our triumphs, leaned on each others' shoulders and loved, graciously. I was the recipient of such yesterday.
I am humbled, I am grateful and I am blessed.

The radio station yesterday had a question, they were asking the audience, If you were to die would you want to see who came to your funeral?
Perhaps the greater question would be, would you regret not doing more, not being there enough for someone important in your life?
Talk to me, how do you feel about this?


  1. Whisp:

    After I am gone from this world, I really don't care who shows up at my funeral. I like your question better about being there at the times you are needed in this world.

  2. hey girl, they can all kiss my arse when I'm gone...LOL...and I don't plan on having a funeral. I never felt the need for a parade. I mean when you think about laying open like that and having people come up, gawk, and make a comment or saying something about you around your family's most vulnerable time, why do that? Do you want your friends or family to see you laying there? Its freaky, especially for kids.

    If you feel the need to have your family wail over your casket and tell you goodbye gather them in private and do so as part of an agreement or will wish, hopefully do that before you die, but I would never make my death a public event. I would prefer a graveside service that's it, and some family I don't even want contacted when I die. If they weren't in my life all these years, then why come to make an appearance at my death?

    I'm sure most of us would say that we wished we had done more for those we hold dear but it is what it is.

  3. Belle,
    I agree. How true. I always hate when they say as they lean over them. Wow, they look so good. What? They are dead!

  4. Hey there. When I was younger I used to want to go to my own funeral. Now...not so much. I have left letters for my loved ones so they can have a part of me after they scatter the ashes.

    1. I have often thought it would be a gift to leave written words for my loved ones but haven't really sat down to do this. Part of me worries about that final message. Its going to be a huge impact and responcibility...am I that wise Colo?
      I have missed you by the way.

  5. amazing how the things are 'shifting'.... my parents/grandparents think/thought completely different from me/us. Graveside services - only - if family feels the need - NO FUNERAL - and scatter the ashes in the mountains or a ocean .....


    1. I like the life celebration myself Ice.
      The ideacof being scattered is a bit enlightening as well.

  6. I've already told my family that I want them to celebrate when I'm gone. (Not celebrate THAT I'm gone, necessarily!) But seriously, I've lived my whole life struggling against this traitorous body. The thing I look forward to the most is perfect healing and finally, finally being free of the pain. So when I'm gone, I want a disco ball and party music, and you KNOW there better be some good food.

    As far as the funeral itself, I would much prefer they skip the whole thing and go right to the party. Have you ever read what happens in a funeral home? I read a great book (and by great, I mean informative, because entertaining it was not,) about the funeral industry. I won't get graphic here, but suffice it to say I have found a couple of places here on the East Coast that offer what I want. Pine or cardboard box, no embalming, just put me in the ground and let nature take it's course. I'm not there any more, what in the world is the point of preserving my body?

  7. Wow! Okay, I should or should not read the book?

    I like the idea of celebrating life as well. Its the true end of the rainbow for us, is it not? This is why we are great friends.


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