I pushed and Conquered!

A couple of years ago when I had started losing weight and concentrating more on my health - I took up walking.
My ever loving friend Gael joined me and then went on to greater things, adding biking and swimming...I digress...but back when she was still walking, I had drove over for the day to enjoy each others company and to walk together.
Let me backtrack a little - this Gaelfriend of mine has always been referred to me as the "Tom Sawyer" in my life. Remember how Tom convinces his buddy to help white wash the fence because it is so much fun? yep - That's my Gael.
So - I had been clipping along at about 3.2 miles an hour pace for 3 or 4 miles a day on average and was feeling like the lake would be a nice change of scenery for our little 'talk, walk and chat".
As we start Gael says to me, "Are you up to a challenge?" When Gael says those words and you have a knee-jerk reaction - You are normal.
My defenses were set on "joy" that day and I gurgle out a sweet little "sure - why not?!" Having lost all common sense to the sunny day... we stroll along with her two doggies in tow and chat a bit, take a corner and start walking an incline..no..more like a hill...but not quite..almost a vertical angle...there..now you have it - which stretches up to a "Oh-my-gosh- my-calves-are-cramping-heighth".
Gael keeps chatting away and acts as though the ground is level as I feel my lungs craving air - the bigger dog tries to lay down to which Gael tells the poor thing - "Oh come on - You aren't that old" and I cringe, as I too, want to lay down.
Now Gael can, and will, make you feel like you are very capable of the challenge, despite what your body is throbbing in a sing-song rhythm in your ears and eventually - when you think all hope is gone - You make it!..*insert gulps of air sounds* - my legs were rejoicing - ankles cussing - Gael says, "See, its not that bad!"  .....as I conquered Henderson Hell Hill!
Fast Foward to Last night:
I log in to my account face Jillian Michaels on my treadmill, the 'Hollywood' Gael, so she can whip me into shape - I am using the literal form whip here.
I strolled along, took a corner and I climbed her vertical 9.0 incline and screamed "I did Henderson Hell I can do this!" And at a 2.8 clip I made my way up that darn thing, the web page refreshing, the Google map of my Tiki New Zealand tour refreshing - I pushed through - the sounds of my heart in my ear, I brinked that mountain...and then... as the treadmill lowered back down and my body begged to be done - It wasn't Jillian's voice I heard, it was Gael's "See, it's not that bad!"
and I weakly moan as I did that very day. "You tried to kill me..."
But guess what? I did it! Well Played Gael  , Well played- Score!


  1. Those are the best kinds of exercise friends to have! And Jillian Michaels is brutal! Hoo-boy! >< I usually crawl away from her exercise videos by the end!

    1. Jillian Michaels and Gael put the fear of working out in me!

  2. God bless you, woman! I'll be waiting on the porch with coffee when you get done hiking! ;)

    1. yes! Coffee! I like coffee and you...Nice combination.

  3. So this is a challenge? I'll meet you at the scales Monday morning. No coffee.

  4. I know people like that! Don't let her know you can do it...she'll torture you some more. lol


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