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Run Little Dog Run

We have two dogs, both completely different.

Lacey Loo our Labrador is mouthy but extremely intelligent. She can express easily and readily what she wants and needs. She is just a voice away from actually telling me what she wants, and WHEN she wants it.
Little dog, Casserole. Well...Not so much.
She functions well, and makes up for her lack of intelligence in sweetness. A sweetness not reserved for anyone in particular.
Even warned, family and friends have fallen for Cassie, hook, line and sinker.
She needs attention and demands love, and is loyal to no one.

She acts as though she is neglected and you are the only one that can fill the need.
So - Everyone falls in love with the little gal.
She is majorly spoiled by the husband who cannot escape her charms.

Cassie has a new game - She actually has help, about once or twice a year, Cassie gets 'free' and finds new people to love.
We have tried to figure out where and how she gets loose and now know the deal.
Lacey Loo is t…