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reflections from the Middle

As of June third I am 49.
The day wasn't spectacular, it was a work day - plans didn't pan out - one of the grown children had a need to meet so hubby and I went to dinner rather late at a box restaurant. Ruby Tuesday. Which wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't felt like an after thought. No present - no card - not like any other Birthday I have celebrated with my Matthew. I went through a lot of emotions. Angry, hurt, deflated, forgiving, reflective and in the end okay. I definitely took a moment to tell him I must be spoiled on my Birthday as usual.
Spoiled for me is just having my husband dote on me a little, card, surprise gift (which doesn't need to be expensive) and just a little extra special sprinkled on my day. He was sorry and I don't think he will let me feel that again. Some people may think I am selfish about this so the inner analyzing took place.
I am 49. I am on the other half / side of an expectant life. I have a good relationship with a man I adore …