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The 'De-clutteration' Affect

I realized that my weight loss issue is bigger than I imagined. Food is a comfort and identity to me. It justified my 'hiding' - as I have nothing to wear, because I wouldn't buy bigger clothes, and by not buying bigger clothes it limited where I went.

I became a gatherer and identified myself as a good cook. In turn, my daughters became good (bad) eaters. We over consumed because we could and the endorphins helped the hurts we all felt from the abandonment(s) we had.

My daughters are over-comers. I am an over-comer.

I need to rid that which owns my feelings and keeps the hurt within, buried under food.

I am learning this also with 'things' as I was cleaning out the closet it the house because it was floor to ceiling of things. I sorted, pitched and donated. I pondered keeping some things and finally, in most cases, let go. And, each time I let go, I felt lighter, happier, freed of the burden of keeping things which served no purpose but to ea…