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Its about the Journey

Let me tell you where I am at in life.
I am settled with my husband in a sweet little home that needs some renovation, which I will do.

Our lives were drastically changed after the Super Storm Sandy which completely shut down our mom and dad grocery store which was struggling. Our Money is wrapped tight in stocks for another year and a half, surviving for over a year on a small amount of unemployment. My husband is now a correctional officer at a prison and I work for the local Newspaper.

The last of the girls have moved out, and have flown. No one is married yet, no one is close to that.
But all are between 19 to 26 years of age.
From Teacher, waitresses to Tattoo artist.

My life book jumps around a lot.Unexpectedly, the pages get in a rhythm, you get the feel, becomes predictable and then 'pow', a brand new chapter that looks nothing like the rest.

But my husband and I even have changed in look, our diets have changed and we are shedding weight as though we were layered in…

Training yourself to be a POLITE Tech Junkie

What is a Tech Junkie?
Well the Urban dictionary explains it this way: "A tech savy person who cannot function/live without constantly being connected to the current Technology. This person is constantly thinking and/or talking about the current tech or whats just around the corner. Whether its the internet, HD tvs, gaming consoles, smart phones or the latest Blu-Ray release, this is the guy you go to for your tech info & advice. "

I am that girl.

That means my smart phone has all the latest aps on it. It sleeps next to my bed. It is my alarm, my communication, and my hangout with my non-local buddies.
When I wake I check my phone for the weather, the time and any important appointments on my calendar.
I then pick up my kindle, check Facebook, play my on-going word games, click into my devotional and write in my journal, and if have time, watch a Ted Talk, all the while the TV is running the morning news in the background.

If driving somewhere new, my gps is telling me …