Its about the Journey

Let me tell you where I am at in life.
I am settled with my husband in a sweet little home that needs some renovation, which I will do.

Our lives were drastically changed after the Super Storm Sandy which completely shut down our mom and dad grocery store which was struggling. Our Money is wrapped tight in stocks for another year and a half, surviving for over a year on a small amount of unemployment. My husband is now a correctional officer at a prison and I work for the local Newspaper.

The last of the girls have moved out, and have flown. No one is married yet, no one is close to that.
But all are between 19 to 26 years of age.
From Teacher, waitresses to Tattoo artist.

My life book jumps around a lot.Unexpectedly, the pages get in a rhythm, you get the feel, becomes predictable and then 'pow', a brand new chapter that looks nothing like the rest.

But my husband and I even have changed in look, our diets have changed and we are shedding weight as though we were layered in winter coats all this time. My husband who has been defined for 30 years for a burly beard, mustache and full curly head is now shaved face and trimmed to a brush cut for his new job.

I have traveled this way, this unpredictable life, for a long time now. 20 years ago I would have told you I couldn't handle it. But this is not the first time I have drastically changed.
Once when I was 20 and moved to upstate NY - I changed the way I lived, country bumpkin Amish girl to rural New York, mom and caregiver. I had married my teen love, we owned the little white house, 3 daughters and a dog, picket fence and POW my life changed drastically when I found I was not the only woman in my husband's life, and not only that but he wanted an open lifestyle and marriage. I don't know or recognize him as the one I met and married.
I moved on, became single mom with joint custody, became a business woman, and a little more cautious. Then one day I met Matthew and my life changed again. he lived 9 hours from me. We dated for years until we had a plan. I learned to be computer savvy,  ran a home office on the road, traveled 9 hours each way to maintain my time with my daughters and then with the husband, two week stretches. I did that for almost 9 years until the birds graduated and flew the nest, then fell right in place at the store I was already working 2 weeks of the month. It was calculated and worked for us...until...
I have no complaints, I have always rolled with the punches. I have become a stronger person and I take nothing for granted. You learn to, in order to survive.
The dust has settled and I can see a new chapter forming, one with time and love and energy. Its a new day. A new dawn. Anew journey.


  1. Is that you in that last picture with Matthew? and the shedding LBs...the wheat belly thing is working pretty good then? You have been through a lot. You have had a difficult road and you have made it through every obstacle with grace and style. Glad to count you as my friend. You are awesome!

  2. Awah Nancy!!
    Thanks so much! No I wish! But that is Danielle - my step daughter.
    I have a ways to go but I am getting pics done when I do reach goal (and along the way) I am feeling better - so much!! and am shedding the weight.


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