Training yourself to be a POLITE Tech Junkie

What is a Tech Junkie?
Well the Urban dictionary explains it this way: "A tech savy person who cannot function/live without constantly being connected to the current Technology. This person is constantly thinking and/or talking about the current tech or whats just around the corner. Whether its the internet, HD tvs, gaming consoles, smart phones or the latest Blu-Ray release, this is the guy you go to for your tech info & advice. "

I am that girl.

That means my smart phone has all the latest aps on it. It sleeps next to my bed. It is my alarm, my communication, and my hangout with my non-local buddies.
When I wake I check my phone for the weather, the time and any important appointments on my calendar.
I then pick up my kindle, check Facebook, play my on-going word games, click into my devotional and write in my journal, and if have time, watch a Ted Talk, all the while the TV is running the morning news in the background.

If driving somewhere new, my gps is telling me the way.
At work I Google+, twitter, email, scan, fax, message, word file, laser print, use a variety of PC programs, use blue tooth devices and text.
When it is time to relax,  I have a couple of gaming systems for my leisure, DVR my favorite shows to view when I am ready, watch blue rays and Netflix or Skype with a friend or family member.
I am wired,  in and out.

BUT - I am able to set it aside and pay attention to our kids. I am able to function without an electronic device, and  I never forget who is alive and important in my life. At meals - out with friends, leave your phone off, tucked in purse or pocket or charging in the car. Give yourself a few hours to be unplugged, to give some undivided attention.

Mothers and Fathers, stop texting when at the park or pushing your child along in a stroller.
Television shows and leap frog are a fun learning device to distract your child but interaction is still completely necessary for their growth and development, and for bonding. Trust and devotion comes when you pay attention to them.

Facebook and Twitter lovers, remember, just because you know it happened, doesn't mean it should go right on the web. So many times I will see an accident or death posted  minutes after it happened. Give the family and friends time to receive the information, its personal and their grief not your entertainment.
Oh- and just because its on the web - doesn't make it truth, make sure you research.

Although I own a kindle, I still frequent book stores, new and used, there is nothing like the feel of a book in my hand and one that doesn't have a battery telling me to charge it.

Being wired in does have its many high and fine points, it is convenient and informational, but don't eliminate your resources for them. My daughter once had a question about a tree and Googled the information. After having done so - she realized she eliminated her grand mother who was quite an arborist, she picked up her phone and called her grandmother and explained what she had done and apologized for not going to her first. I felt pride. Not only because my daughter who is very technically advanced took time to call her grand mom, but that she realized her mistake in putting an electronic device ahead of her and missing an opportunity to connect with someone very important to her.

Now, that is a Tech Junkie with their priorities in tact!


  1. Well said Girl!!! I can appreciate the high tech world to a degree, but nothing replaces hearing the voice of a loved one or getting a hug. I'd love to have a Kindle, but I can drop a book and it won't break. If I leave a Kindle out in the wrong place it could get swiped, but I've never heard of anyone stealing a trash novel out of a car.

  2. True! No one wants my books either. I even get attached to some of my books as well and need them on a shelf winking at me occasionally
    to read again.

    1. Testify! I have a series that I adore---Outlander by Diana Gabaldon---and I keep those books around and I've re-read them all at least three times.

      "My name is Slick. I'm addicted to Outlander and hopelessly addicted to Jamie and I don't want help."

    2. Thats a perfectly respectable addiction, and it makes me want browse my collections again!


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