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Ouch! Did I drop something?

I took a tumble today.
I was carrying papers, the sidewalk inclined, I did not.
Matter of fact.
              declined. ...Next to a pool.
But don't worry, I popped right back
but not before a teen ran to the fence next to the pool where a million (seemed like it) people were swimming and he yelled, "Oh my gosh Lady are you all right."   Oh Yes! I answered, my knees throbbing, my hand feeling like I split it down the middle - because three fingers were bent fully backwards, but not my pinky - oh no - he stubbornly stayed the 'right' way... *insert agony here* My husband and knight was driving the car, so he ran to my rescue...not quite, he missed the whole thing..he was turning the car around and then wondered why I was walking back to the car with papers all askew.  *sighs*
It was my left hand so my wedding band and engagement ri…

50 - The next Ten Years.

I am 50.
Its okay, I am kewl with it.
I like the idea of being a grand mom soon- or mom mom as they say here and Kayleen likes.
I also like the idea of working in an environment that I can gather some extra funds.
But I am good with who I am for the most part.
I was told by my husband that I have more faith than most. That I have a strong belief in God. I do. I feel Him, I know Him and serve Him. He saved me from myself; from sin and destruction. He has given me hope and strength. I want everyone to feel it and I do feel frustrated when friends in Christ don't. I know that is wrong but I can't help but want to shake them. Maybe it is fear from remembering my dark days. The hopeless sad days that hurt my soul, that eroded my strength and pained me. But He held out His hand, He waited forever for me to find my feet and he brought me to Him. I am grateful Lord.
I feel Him, just a glimpse and I want more, His glory is so great. I trust Him and I want more of Him.
That's a …