Ouch! Did I drop something?

I took a tumble today.
I was carrying papers, the sidewalk inclined, I did not.
Matter of fact.
              declined. ...Next to a pool.
But don't worry, I popped right back
but not before a teen ran to the fence next to the pool where a million (seemed like it) people were swimming and he yelled, "Oh my gosh Lady are you all right."   Oh Yes! I answered, my knees throbbing, my hand feeling like I split it down the middle - because three fingers were bent fully backwards, but not my pinky - oh no - he stubbornly stayed the 'right' way... *insert agony here* My husband and knight was driving the car, so he ran to my rescue...not quite, he missed the whole thing..he was turning the car around and then wondered why I was walking back to the car with papers all askew.  *sighs*
It was my left hand so my wedding band and engagement ring are in the jewelry box because my ring finger knuckle swelled some.  Its definitely bruised and hurting. My knees are red, no longer bloody because they scabbed nicely - my capris are in the washer and I can bend my fingers so nothing is broke - and I am typing but it hurts, and it will be worse tomorrow. I know - Poor ole thing!

My husband was sympathetic, he is no ogre. I cried only tears - no sound and just briefly, he hated that, tears make him nervous. He asked if he should take me to the doctor - or home, should he get ice? i said no to all, as we had other errands to run. I was raised old school. If you can move them - do so.  And pain is worse when you are alone. Right? I don't know - it hurt either way, may as well do something.

As the tears slip I did say in a blubbery way, "Its been a long time since I fell last."
I have fallen a lot in my 50 years- my ears get unbalanced and there isn't much I can do - its been that way since childhood, my knees have grown new skin a lot.
Matthew holds back a grin (barely) and says, "You've lost your technique, you used to escape major injury."
He's right in a way and I can't help but laugh.
I came back with "Well, I'm not about to practice for perfection!"
He then said, "Did the people in the pool see you?"
I replied - "Not until that dang kid hollered, who taught him to be so responsible anyways?"
Then we both laughed hard, and he said "What did you hurt the most?"
I said, "My ego."
He nodded and hugged me and we continued on our way.


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  2. Glad only your ego was hurt (bad) and that your other injuries were only minor....Enjoyed the Read!!

    1. Thanks Ice! The damage is minimal but will take a little to recover. :)

  3. I know you want to be just like me, but really, cut it out! ;)

  4. Glad you didn't continue that split down the middle that God started...


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