Run Little Dog Run

We have two dogs, both completely different.

Lacey Loo our Labrador is mouthy but extremely intelligent. She can express easily and readily what she wants and needs. She is just a voice away from actually telling me what she wants, and WHEN she wants it.
Little dog, Casserole. Well...Not so much.
She functions well, and makes up for her lack of intelligence in sweetness. A sweetness not reserved for anyone in particular.
Even warned, family and friends have fallen for Cassie, hook, line and sinker.
She needs attention and demands love, and is loyal to no one.

She acts as though she is neglected and you are the only one that can fill the need.
So - Everyone falls in love with the little gal.
She is majorly spoiled by the husband who cannot escape her charms.

Cassie has a new game - She actually has help, about once or twice a year, Cassie gets 'free' and finds new people to love.
We have tried to figure out where and how she gets loose and now know the deal.
Lacey Loo is the key.
Cassie runs in from outside to the front door, which is open, and the latched storm door lets you see outside, she hops up on the handle to have a 'standing' view -and Lacey - who is interrupted by Cassie's adrenaline rush, sits up and literally pushes the front door open and Cassie is then free, Lacey lets the door swing back shut and lays down, her nap resumes. Little dog, now locked out, goes for a run.
I discovered this maneuver AFTER Cassie's last expedition, when I wanted to see how this was occurring on my watch.
This last release, was Friday night, after a loooong work day, Matthew's was even longer, and I had been home for less than a half hour.
Realizing Cassie was missing, we posted it on Facebook and a half hour later, we received a picture of Lacey sucking up someone new.

Finally Contact was made and we picked up our Party dog. She smelled of cigarette smoke and beer, we were warned she had 2 slim jims, chicken nuggets and an ice cream cone.
Needless to say, she Partied til she puked, at home, after a fitful nap.

We now know to not only latch the storm door - but to lock it. I don't totally blame her for her runs  - I think they have a lot to do with 'peer' pressure, or a helpful paw.
Maybe she has learned her lesson and even sprung she will not want to venture far? 
I asked her - what do you think?
Cassie - Roll


  1. Oh yeah, she's learned her lesson. She'll never do that again. No need to lock the door, she's completely repentant.

  2. a dog with wanderlust, can you blame her? the world is an exciting place, but there's no place like place like home! haha! :)

    1. Bella ! Isn't that true - no matter where I go, my driveway always welcomes me.


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