Shhhhhh....Its Just Me

I hate a big Ado about anything pertaining to me.
I am an introvert. My close friends find this a bit humorous to consider, but publicly, I am. I don't seek friendships, for many reasons. I have so much to try to balance on my plate. I don't trust many. Time is precious, If I give it to you, I want it in return. I have two friends who I have stopped seeing. If they hap upon me, it is with hugs and joy, they share tidbits then tell me to get ahold of them. They never have called me. When I do call them they are anxious to set up a date and time to get together, but their fingers have never tapped out my number. They will be at the party Saturday. Oh. Didn't I tell you?

I do have a girlfriend who is the complete opposite of me in so many ways. We have maintained a friendship through so much (She deserves her own post, I will expand upon that at a later date) She is the extrovert; the Thelma to our Thelma and Louise Adventures. She asked if she could throw a 'leaving NY Party', I felt I owed it to her. I was weak in the moment with her. Some 50 head have already responded. What the heck? I expected a dinner party response. Truly, I am just about stressed that I have to do this now. I know, I know, say what you want to say, I know the spiel, I'll survive. Whatever.

I threatened the waiter at The Cheesecake Factory. My daughter took me out for my birthday, we had a wonderful time and were just chatting and laughing until I heard her say, "Yes, we will be getting desert, its my mom's birthday." HORRORS! I immediately leaned forward and quietly spoke, "Do NOT, under any circumstance, bring a throng of singers and clappers to my table or she shall be sitting all by herself." 
He was a gentleman a bit older than myself, (Yes Tab, that old..sheesh!) and said, "Certainly not." I thought, now here is a good man. But did he not bring a single candle on my slice with Happy Birthday written in chocolate sauce around the edge and whisper sing to me all on his own to my daughter's sheer delight. Wicked People! Wicked Wicked..then he finished by pointing out that I was truly blushing and isn't it marvelous that people still blush?! Oh. MY.Goodness. Once again, I survived. Now I am not enjoying the thought of Saturday. Saturday when my friends will gather, some meeting for the first time. *sighs* This too shall pass...

I remember once when I was a young girl, around 12 to 13. We had a chimney fire. The local fire company and the whole town was standing in our lane as they worked to put the fire out. I hid in the tree house my brother and I made and watched as my father stood in front of the all and announced, "We would serve you all refreshments but the house is a little busy at the moment. But what I truly want to know is, are you all here because you heard it was my house and came to my help and rescue or are you all secretly rejoicing that I may have to move?" The laughter was rich and warm, we already knew what their thoughts were....I think there were about 50 there that day.


  1. Whisp: There used to be a restaurant in our area where friends would take a person on his or her birthday for lunch or dinner. After the main course was served, the waiters would all gather around the table using noisemakers and singing "Happy Birthday to You" while bringing out the cake. The only problem was that they might do the same thing at another dozen tables during the meal, taking away somewhat the quiet atmosphere that one might like while dining and conversing.

  2. My husband and I have been in a restaurant meeting up with friends passing through Maryland and had that very thing happen. The short hour we had was interrupted 3 times by a line up and a long drawn out birthday song.
    Some people love it, personally, its too much noise and attention at my table.

  3. I too am like you, and so is my daughter and my dad was also. My Brother, Mom and son are just the opposite however... I enjoy a good time, but please do not make over me or anything to do with what I'm doing.... he he he

    My close friends respect me and let me be. Think that is one of the many reasons I miss my hubby.... He too was like me, and we lived in our own little world...

    Blessings to you and I hope you have a wonderful summer.

  4. My Matthew is like that too Sue, so I can understand not having that partner in recluse! *hugs*

  5. Whispered,
    All I can say, from one introvert to another, is good luck with the party.

  6. Thanks Mister O. You completely understand.


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