Who Would You Choose?

Which fictional character (TV, movie, or literature) would you most want to be friends with...and why?
I have always had a list of literary/fictional characters that I would want to be pals with: 

Elizabeth Bennet - Who stands boldly for what she believes in a topsy~turvy world; she has a strong sense of justice. I admire her literary prowess, her endeavor to serve right and good, despite the losses, and the strength of her love for those who are blessed enough to receive it.

Jane Eyre - The love of Mr Rochester because he represented 'home' to her and the banter they shared was delightful. She was given a depth of character that goes beyon
d the book's pages. I also adore that her desire is not money, and when she comes into it, it does not redefine her, all that matters to her is love and life. She is really classy when she came from such a dark place. 

Anne Shirley - She day dreamed and built worlds within her world. I did the same as a child, always feeling trapped to go where ever I wasn't, only to find home was right where I belong. I love her sense of adventure and her upside down mistakes.

Mary - from Downton Abbey - she is a little bit of a prude but her sarcastic whit is so much fun, I would love the play on words. I do wonder if she would snub me though!
Which would make me have a Rory and Paris relationship (Gilmore Girls)!

Lorelei Gilmore - Oh my goodness - This woman that was developed in character is a sheer delight to my soul. She makes mistakes but loves and lives as hard as she can - always putting her daughter first - Besties!! I would want the cast of characters that go with her too.  

Lastly -
Kalahan from Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth Series. She has seen it all and done it all, crazy worlds too. Her insight is really done well and the age she lives in - well is all in the mind of the reader and writer.

I may have thought about this some... :)
Who would you choose and Why?


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