Finding Peace Unexpectedly

Sometimes when we make changes in our lives it has a tumbling effect - such as any natural change.

Our change came when we just recognized a pattern of spending that was wasteful. We felt compelled to make some deliberate changes. One of those changes was getting rid of Direct TV, getting a Firestick and utilizing Hulu, Amazon Video, music channels and Netflix for less than a quarter of what we were paying. Thus affecting our budget positively.

I wasn't sure I would enjoy this way of viewing, even balking a little  - I was sure it was going to irritate me - it was a deliberate way to watch TV, but over time I find I enjoy it so much more.

For one, I don't have to waddle through commercials, I can choose to watch my shows at my convenient times without having to record it, and the TV is not just running for noise or company, as I once called it.

We don't watch the news like we used to - we google and listen to podcasts or live streams - obtain what is going on to be made aware then turn it off. It isn't repetitively repeating it's barrage of anger and conceptions in the background and in our heads even when we think we aren't listening.
Television was noise for us - and that noise affected us - How do we know? Well, we are peaceful, less angered and hardly ever argumentative now. We also find ourselves more creative, and busier physically.

I also find that I put Praise Music or Celtic Music on, I was never much of a music listener. I am reflective, collective in thought  and very slow to anger now.  I seek times of quiet and I am not as  influenced by commercials like I once was.

Matthew has definitely found this true and has actually resorted to sitting outside in the warm eves or early mornings. This is new for him, and he too feels the peace.

Money saved, sure.
But now the emotional stability and peace of mind is so much more worth it.


  1. Now that the people have all moved out of my house and left me alone, I have noticed that I turn that wretched TV on just for noise sometimes. But it is not on all that much. I am disgusted because there is nothing to watch. What am I paying for? I will soon be rid of my DirecTV. I am waiting a few months until buying out my contract equals about 2 months of payments because I cannot afford to pay it off all at once, otherwise. I already have Netflix, which doesn't have much on it that I am interested in but my son, his wife, my daughter, her bf and my oldest sister all like to watch it. I will most likely go the way of either getting a firestick or a Roku. I haven't made up my mind, yet. I will like not having to pay someone that money every month.


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