A Story about Excellence

There is a Story with this, such as only I would be able to tell, because it fits me so well.
A while back I received an invite to a luncheon at our main office in Dover, 2 hours away on a work day. I work well over 40 hours a week and time away would only make it harder to get all the work in and it frankly didn't interest me. I am not a crowd person and prefer my little hometown office where I and Richard - the editor and my boss - work.
I love my job. It is a mile from home, keeps me busy and i can fit in my girls on a regular basis. I couldn't have asked for more.
I paid no more attention to it than the man-in-the-moon and continued my little routine.
Last week I started getting emails from others that work from other offices and the main branch congratulating me, telling me 'job well done' - huh? Finally a co-worker from Dover, who I have met up with congratulated me and I asked why. She says "for your excellence Award Silly!" Again..Huh? She sent me the link to the company's newsletter  which I do receive- but read in leisure and I seen I was honored at the 'said' luncheon, that I did not attend.
She asked if I got an invite, I had to say I did, and she said only the nominees and the heads get invited to it. OH...Tee hee hee!
Needless to say, the big boss is meeting me and all the sales team tomorrow for our quarterly meeting where I will get my plaque and a check.
The picture is a mystery - I would never have wore the shirt below to a sales meeting and have no idea where and when the picture was taken BUT at least I was happy getting my award!
Go ahead and read it, my boss wrote some kewl adjectives in it.

Karen Riggin
Advertising Manager
Crisfield-Somerset County Times
Excellence Award

Karen has been with the Crisfield-Somerset County Times for slightly more than a year. Her sales results have been outstanding. She has raised the bar each week, and consistently exceeded the numbers of her predecessors and now she is zooming ahead of her own prior year numbers. Karen has an open mind, and readily participates in the planning and execution of special sections. She is also extremely innovative when it comes to creating special pages to help promote community events.  In the weekly comparison of 2013 to 2012, Karen’s sales are +21 percent.

Her contribution to the special section we published last April on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandi was absolutely essential to the success of this section, which cemented the County Times’ position as the leading voice on the state of the community and its recovery from this devastating storm.

Karen is intrepid, not afraid to call on new customers in the adjacent markets of Princess Anne and Pocomoke City, and provides top notch customer service.


  1. Congrats! Let's go dress shopping! and what the heck...throw in a new pair of shoes and a new hair do. ;)

  2. awesome! but we always knew that about ya! :)

  3. See! This is why I adore you Bella - You are adorable and great for my ego!

  4. Did it come with a crown? Because you deserve a tiara or something.


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