The end of 2014 as I see it.

Reflecting, what are some life lessons I have learned this year?

I learned that I am responsible for me, and me only. That choices made by others cannot be changed by me - only by them. No matter how much I plead, pray, and cry. They have control of their choices not me - the only thing I can change is my response to their choices. There is freedom and fear in learning this. Freedom of responsibility and fear that they may never change.

That life is very fragile and life as we know it can change in a heartbeat. That the curves thrown at us can be debilitating and so unexpected. That perfect circumstances can become broken and joy can trade to sorrow, but Jesus is the only constant and the only trust I can always rely upon. People are human, they make mistakes. Only Christ is perfection, and I too am human and will make mistakes and will be disappointed. I can only learn, repent, grow and move on to make the mistake something better than what was.

This year was a very marked year to see the frailty in our parent's lives. That growing old is not easy. That grace is obtained through patience. That one day I too will be feeble. That I need to prepare my life financially, physically and mentally. I need to be prepared to deal with things I never dreamed of and that money and things are just that. I cannot prepare to lose a parent, but I certainly can have a game plan to take action when it does happen.

I have learned less is more
. I prefer less to clean, less to move, less to gather dust. I want to do more, see more, not gather more. What I do gather I want to replace the broken or unneeded. I want to make our home and life more functional for when we are less functional.

Watching your children struggle with decisions is not easy. I give advice and lend a hand when needed - or asked. But I also learned that they trust my advice, so I am seeing the bridge I built when they were young being crossed regularly now. I appreciate, love and respect them and I know for sure, life is not simple or uncomplicated, quite the opposite.
My heart hurts when their does, and my prayers grow in earnest for them more regularly.

I know what real happiness is and I don't take it for granted
, instead I appreciate it. Happiness is achieved without money. It is achieved when you can look yourself in the mirror and accept and appreciate who you are, then do the same with those you love. 
Happiness grows, it has depth and it has wings.

A friendship in a personal relationship is very important. I am fortunate to be in love with my very best friend - we are there for each other the best way we know how. Its not perfect, and it is downright silly at times but I would not want to walk along with anyone else. Love is a splendid thing, when done the right way!


  1. You've got some good wisdom here. That first point is soooo important. I can only control me (and not even me, sometimes!) Trying to teach self-government to mostly-grown kids is no easy task, and you know the heartaches I've shared, but I'm trusting Jesus to watch over the things that I'm not supposed to be taking care of any more. He loves them more than I do, and that is what I cling to. Happy New Year, my friend! May we see more of each other in 2015, God willing. ;)


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