My Heart is Full

Ten Years with this guy.
He is not nearly perfect and I would tweak a few things if I could...but then I am sure his words are the same about me.
But what we both know - is that, "we got this".

His humor is exactly like mine which has helped in many of our hard times, we turn to it - the other day, I was very slow to complete my sentences, long hours at work and the late hour had my ADD running. I struggled with just the last words, and he would hurry to say something ridiculous to make the whole conversation worthless. Getting frustrated, I barked, "Matthew!" and he quickly replied, "I know! We have been together so long we complete each other's sentences..." which of course killed me, I laughed so hard I was crying.
I wouldn't want to 'try' with anyone else.
Although we have been together only ten years, they were hard ones. We had to live apart half the time, and we had to afford two places. Yet we kept on the goal.
Then we suffered losing our livelihood and have had to start completely over.
If I could give advice to someone looking for their mate- I would tell them, don't settle.
Find that someone - who makes you laugh, who encourages, who has your back and who wants to be there with you. The one who you can tell ANYTHING to and it is safe. Make sure your goals, ethics and morals align, then make it work.
You have to work at it or it fails. Love carries you a long ways but when the money gets tight, the hours long, and the fuse short - you have to stop and make yourself remember - this is the person I promised I would care and love, I will show him every day that I do.
Nothing worth having is simple - if it was, it wouldn't be worth having. We all have heard that, but it is true. But most of all communicate, in the right way! You have to listen, you have to talk things out and you have to remember - after all - we are human. So you have to forgive and you have to ask to be forgiven.

Don't condemn and don't find fault. Adjust your life to include them, always making them special and first in your life - it is what you promised them.
One of the lessons I have learned is not to put him down to anyone - even when life is hard and you are struggling, that never helps and always harms. Not even jokingly. It hurts to hear your faults, so if he hears it or it gets back to him from someone else, the damage to ones ego is not always repairable.
Lean in and take care of each other - if you make him first and he you - well, no one loses and you both win.

I am so glad we have each other. I am so grateful for his love and commitment - and I will take as many years as I can with this man.
Besides,he completes me - or at least my sentences!
I love you Matthew T. Riggin.


  1. I love a 'from the heart' story like this one.

  2. Thank you Ice - they are easy to write, and you have to be willing to expose yourself which makes it hard as well :)

  3. You guys are such a great match. Your hard times have only served to draw you together tighter. Praise God!


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