Getting Back on the Path

I have felt overwhelmed the last two weeks, and this weekend I stepped away from everything - prayed and asked God to help me find a way to be able to deal with things in a better manner.
I explained to Matthew how I felt, so Saturday I spent the day cleaning and figuring out a schedule that will allow everything to fit into place and not let anything get too far behind.
Then Sunday Matthew and I concentrated on each other for the day, taking a walk, watching a movie, grilling together - just relaxing - detoxing and remembering why we do all that we do. We shut the world out - together. He and I have grown a lot this past few years and we have learned to communicate in a casual constant way. For a little bit we felt ourselves drifting in our own worlds and instead of melding we were bumping.
We both had some resentment, which neither of us wanted to discuss, but now we have talked rejoiced and cried. We have cleared the rubble from our path and have grown even closer. We were never 'apart' prior but we were hurt in our own ways.
Marriage is a concentration of keeping the focus on your partner - meeting their needs without resentment or expecting the same in return. It is being invested in something that will always matter, day to day. I am glad he is my partner. He is a real life line when I need it - he 'gets' me and I know I do him as well.

This weekend we doted on each other - like lost lovers and that was so nice, coffee in the bed, lunch at a small fair, little touches, stolen kisses - it was so intimate and just us, I didn't have to share him and that was the key - he was all mine for the whole day.
With that in mind - This morning I woke and thanked God once again for that weekend.
My house is slightly disheveled but nothing we can't fix in a moment - both jobs of my have lots to do on the list - But none of that presses in on me; what I heard were the birds, what I tasted my was my freshly brewed coffee, I felt joy when laughing at my dogs' antics, and received love as I kissed the hubby going off to work, and when I drove past the harbor soaked by last night's rain - I thanked God and prayed for all those still oppressed.


  1. Glad you took the time to do that. So important. I think we were better at that when we had young kids and HAD to make time. Now it seems weird to carve out time alone when we're alone all the time! lol.

  2. There is some truth in that - I used to also feel selfish doing it - but ish became preservation!


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